About PinMed

PinMed, Inc., is a National Innovation Award-winning bioinformatics/medical-device company that develops high-fidelity cardiovascular monitoring systems, personalized (adaptive) software, and integrated systems and custom solutions for tracking cardiovascular data in the most challenging environments (e.g., MR-guided interventional procedures) and identifying subtle but clinically important indicators of cardiovascular events. PinMed’s award-winning solutions include versatile, multisensor, high-fidelity monitoring systems for various hospital and ambulatory settings.  The company has extensive experience in electronic and mechanical engineering, development of software and firmware for various processors, computational modeling, and cardiovascular physiology. PinMed’s flagship mobile platform, PELEX, provides unparalleled versatility in physiological monitoring and has been cleared by the FDA for diagnostic 12-lead ECG testing and various types of ambulatory monitoring.

What is Personalized Intelligent Medicine?

Simply stated, it is the most accurate way to analyze changes in an individual’s health by keeping track of his or her normal or reference values and comparing every change against them. Because every person is different, this approach is more accurate than “one-size-fits-all” methods based on average values derived from large groups of people. However, personalized analysis is technically (computationally) more complex and thus has only recently begun to be explored. The scientists and engineers at PinMed have designed smart, mobile systems to accurately monitor an individual’s health data, compare this information with the individual’s normal patterns, and immediately show the results in an easy-to-understand format while simultaneously sending the information to a healthcare professional or biomedical researcher (performing a clinical study) from anywhere, anytime, using wireless communication.
PinMed specializes in dynamical analysis of cardiovascular functions and the detection of subtle but important abnormalities when all other diagnostic tests appear normal. The early-detection capabilities of our systems offer researchers and clinicians opportunities for exploring new, more efficient diagnostic modalities and initiating preventive treatments, thus avoiding serious complications and restoring normal cardiovascular functioning.

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