What We Do

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PinMed’s mission is to provide clinicians, researchers, and individual health consumers with high-fidelity monitoring of electrocardiogram, central arterial pressure, and other physiological signals in the most challenging environments.

PinMed develops:

    • PELEX-MAX is a multisensor, wireless, mobile unit and review station designed to provide uninterrupted, high-quality data during MRI- and X-ray-guided procedures, as well as during patient transportation and multi-modal imaging. It addresses the need for continuous monitoring in the challenging environments of the interventional cardiology suite, ICU, operating room, and ER.  PELEX-MAX eliminates the need to detach and reattach different monitoring systems for different procedures and hospital units, improving the quality and efficiency of patient care.  (Note: currently for research use only. This product has not yet been cleared by the FDA for clinical use.) Learn more.
    • Versatile, lightweight, and pocket size, PinMed’s PELEX is the only FDA-cleared, professional-quality ECG system that combines diagnostic, 12-lead ECG with various types of ambulatory monitoring, while also providing immediate wireless connectivity with a smart phone, PC, printer, and other consumer devices. PELEX also provides connectivity with PinMed’s cloud software for personalized, pattern-recognition based data processing and transmission to healthcare professionals.
    • APEX-Centro provides continuous, cuff-free, noninvasive tracking of central arterial pressure, as well as ECG, cardiac output, vascular resistance, and other important cardiovascular parameters. Its unique flexibility and range of sensors will address the needs of both researchers and clinicians. In 2016, the prototype was successfully tested in human subjects within an NIH-supported project; expanded testing is currently ongoing. (Note: currently for research use only. This product has not yet been cleared by the FDA for clinical use.)
    • TRIO-MR is the first MRI-compatible system for high-fidelity cardiovascular monitoring, external cardiac defibrillation, and pacing. (Note: currently for research use only. This product has not yet been cleared by the FDA for clinical use.)High-fidelity, multisensor, programmable, wireless monitoring devices.
  • Software for a smart phone, computer, and Internet server, allowing the user to:
    • assess quality/monitor ECG and other physiological data in real time on a smart phone or computing device
    • save,  review, analyze, and print data on a smart phone or local computer
    • transmit data from a smart phone to the cloud using any open communication channel
    • store the data on the cloud, review, and download to any computer; perform intelligent analysis of an individual’s dynamical patterns using proprietary pattern-recognition based algorithms.
      (Note: personalized analytical software has not yet been cleared by the FDA for clinical use and is currently for research use only.)
    • provide two-directional communication between a smart phone and cloud software
  • Integrated systems and customized solutions for  advanced biomedical research.

Our innovative solutions address the needs of:

  • Healthcare providers. PinMed’s versatile systems provide efficient solutions for cardiologists, primary care physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and other healthcare personnel, eliminating the need for expensive equipment purchases. See more on PinMed’s monitoring solutions.
  • Contract research organizations (CROs). PinMed’s technology can be utilized to improve efficiency and reduce costs of clinical trials and to document treatment efficacy, side effects, and complications.
  • Academic and industry researchers who require high-fidelity physiological data and advanced data processing, including electrocardiographic T-wave alternans, T-wave amplitude and duration, QRS and QT-intervals, heart rate variability, and other parameters. See more on PinMed’s solutions for data acquisition and processing.
  • Individuals with cardiovascular diseases and those at risk, such as those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity can use the PELEX system to monitor treatment effects and other physiological changes.  Because PELEX is easy to operate and affordable, the device can be used by everyone, anytime, anywhere. (Currently available for home use by prescription only.)