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The PELEX software suite includes:

Personal Heart Expert

Allows a smart phone to receive data wirelessly from the mobile ECG system and to view, edit, analyze, print, and transmit the data to a local computer or remote Web server using any open communication channel, including a cell phone, land line, WiFi, or Internet connection. Provides two-directional communication with the server and feedback to the user in textual, numeric, and graphical forms.

Functionality includes:

  • Mode of operation: real-time transmission via Bluetooth or Holter recording
    • Number of channels
    • Sampling rate
    • Duration of the recording
    • Secure programming of the ECG recorders, including:
    • Display of ECG tracings
    • Text fields for recording patient name, ID, and complaints
    • ECG data storage in a local database
    • Review of previously recorded ECGs
    • Printing of ECG on a wireless printer
    • Transfer of ECG and results of analysis to a remote server and GE MUSE database via the Internet, WiFi, or land line
    • Feedback and automatic updates from the remote server

PELEX Cloud Software, including Web server and database

Provides two-directional communication, data storage, and accurate, intelligent analysis of individual ECG dynamics (proprietary technology, protected by U.S. patents).

  •  Receives the ECG sent from a smart phone
  •  Stores the ECG in the server database
  •  Analyzes the data and stores the results in the server
  •  Forwards the data to the GE MUSE database
  • Sends feedback and automatic updates to the software on a smart phone

PELEX Analysis Software

Processes complex, multiparametric datasets with fusion of data obtained from different sensors. This software has been successfully used in studies conducted at Yale University.

  • Analyzes subtle ECG changes, including repolarization instabilities, in diagnostic and ambulatory (Holter) ECGs, even in the presence of artifacts generated by implantable devices
  • Tracks the dynamics of blood-pressure and pulse waveforms
  • Analyzes changes in:
    • respiration
    • physical activity
    • body position
  • Synchronizes and fuses physiological data obtained from different sensors
  • Synchronizes physiological data with time points of behavioral assessments

Note: For research use only. PELEX Analysis Software has not yet been cleared by the FDA for clinical use.

PELEX Explorer

Provides local or remote connection to the PELEX server from any PC via the Internet, allowing the user to view, download, print, edit, and save ECG data in the server database.