U.S. Patents Covering Solutions for the MRI Environment

  • Accessory for External Cardiac Defibrillation, Pacing and Monitoring Physiological Signals/Health Data in the Presence of Electromagnetic Interference. This technological solution adapts external cardiac defibrillation systems to enable safe defibrillation, pacing, and cardioversion inside the MRI bore with minimal effect on MR image quality.
  • Wireless Health Monitoring in the Setting of X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Other Sources of Electromagnetic Interference. This multipurpose, modular system provides diagnostic-quality, wireless, multichannel monitoring in diverse settings, including interventional procedures guided by X-ray and MRI, with variable electromagnetic interference (EMI) and eliminates the need for multiple detachments/reattachments of patient cables when the patient is moved from one room/procedure to another.
  • System and Method for Monitoring and Wirelessly Transmitting Health Data. This solution extends the range and improves the reliability of wireless data transmission in the MRI and other challenging environments.

U.S. Patents Covering Personalized Monitoring of Arterial Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram, and Other Health Data 

  • Evaluating Arterial Pressure, Vasomotor Activity and Their Response to Diagnostic Tests. A continuation in part of the patent below: a method and device for nonobtrusive (or wearable), cuff-free evaluation of arterial pressure and other cardiovascular parameters.
  • Method and System Useful in Analyzing and Monitoring Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output and/or Vascular Activity. The invention makes use of optimally positioned sensors for tracking of systemic arterial blood pressure without a pressure cuff, as well as cardiac output, local vascular activity, and other physiological/health data. The system can be implemented as an ambulatory blood pressure monitor.
  • Evaluating Arterial Pressure, Vasomotor Activity and Their Response to Diagnostic Tests. A method and system for evaluating arterial pressure waves and vascular properties, and for diagnostic, physiological, and pharmacological testing.

Other pending patent applications are not yet published.